Joe Lopez Update: Family says he is not 'dying in prison'

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Joe Lopez, a recent CD cover.

Well, after we first reported on Joe Lopez condiiton in prison based on his brother Lorenzo Lopez, in this LNN report: Lorenzo Lopez: 'Joe Lopez is not doing good', several calls and emails came in.

Was ex-Mazz singer Joe Lopez really dying in prison?

And Joe's brother Lorenzo and his wife, Judy, also reported getting numerous call and e-mails from folks asking if Joe Lopez was really dying in prison.

According to Judy, "Everyone is suffering this situation. But to clarify, Joe Lopez is not dying. For the most part, he is in good spirits, considering where he is. But Lorenzo is his brother and you have to understand when it comes to family, it really hurts to see him (Joe) in there.

"We're asking everyone to please visit or website ( and sign our petition. So far we have more than 500 signatures."

Further below, Movement founder Christina Hernandez explains movement progress and goals.

Otherwise, the first report is still accurate when it comes to Joe Lopez's hip problems and other matters. Currently, Joe Lopez is incarcerated at the Huntsville Prison System's Goree Unit in Huntsville, a 1,100-capacity unit that was established in 1907.

We recently met with Christina Hernandez, founder of the "Justice 4 Joe Lopez" campaign and Web site, Hernandez came across as a serious, dedicated individual who truly believes Joe Lopez is innocent. In just a few minutes, she quickly went down a big list of questionable court decisions and procedural rulings from that Joe Lopez case.

Hernandez Christina Judy Lopez 300 5 2008.JPG 
Christina Hernandez, and Judy Ramos-Lopez, right at TMA Fan Fair at justice4joelopez booth.

Hernandez's business-like demeanor and tone of seriousness was a welcome, almost refreshing change in the music industry.

While most fans are easily impressed with the entertainment business, insiders know the business is full of it own crazies and fly-by-nights. And more than a few emails that we got, suggested that only loonies would be interested in getting Joe Lopez a new trial.

No one should dismiss the Joe Lopez case so easily.

History is full of innocent men who are wrongly accused and imprisoned. By most accounts, Joe Lopez was never a saint either. But Joe Lopez, like any other citizen, deserves his day in court and any and all appeals processes that are part of the justice system.

We're not here to defend or judge Joe Lopez, simply reporting what's happening with him, his family and his supporters who are seeking an appeal.

Joe Lopez was convicted in October 2006 on one count of indecency with a child and two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. The sentences were to run concurrent which means Joe Lopez is facing a 20-year sentence.

Hernandez had no illusions on the time and cost to be incurred during this appeal process and movement.

"This could take 15 years, we don't know," she said. "We're just going to work to bring to light all the questionable things (court case proceedings) that have happened. Most people don't believe or can't understand that innocent people can get jailed, until it happens to them or their family."

As promised last week here is the mailing address for Joe Lopez:
Jose Manuel Lopez TDC #01399866
Goree Unit
Huntsville, Texas 77344

**A word of caution. All incoming mail for prison system inmates is routinely screened. If authorities feel a letter is a threat to the inmate it will not be given to them. Sometimes a threatening letter may be investigated by law enforcement.

We'll have more updates later. More details at:

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FREE JOE LOPEZ, I like his music.

I would like to show my support to the family and fans of Joe Lopez. Free Joe Lopez!


Justice for Joe down here in New Mexico from all the school bilingual school teachers in the southwest

I am sure if Joe Lopez had molested someone in your family you would be singing a different song.

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