Cabas: more acoustic, romantic on new CD 'Amores Dificiles'

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Colombian rocker Cabas is touring behind a new CD titled "Amores Dificiles." Cabas 6 2008.JPG 

In a recent interview, he said his new album "is a little more acoustic than my previous ones."

As implied by the title, the themes are all about romantic adventures.

"The songs are all about love. Good loves, bad loves," he said in his native Spanish. "All the good loves have been difficult loves too with unforgettable moments."

The singer/songwriter added that beyond a more acoustic sound in his music, there was also "mucho mas sentimiento." We'll have all that and more in a feature interview later this week.

Cabas may not be a household name in the U.S. but in Latina America, he is considered one of the most prolific singer/songwriters in the pop/rock world.

Born Andres Cabas, he began singing at the age of 5. He studied classical piano at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, a Catholic university in Bogota, Colombia.

"Amores Difíciles" is Cabas' fourth album and each CD has been sonically different than the previous. The new album was recorded in Spain and produced by the top DJ/singer/mixer Carlos Jean.

In a separate news release, Cabas described his CD and the collaboration as "un proyecto que comenzo hace unos dos o tres años.

"Me senti muy bien trabajando con Carlos Jean. Las canciones crecieron muchisimo y creo que es un album completamente nuevo; algo que es muy dificil hacer hoy en dia ya que todo esta inventado. Esta es la continuacion de una evolucion que comenze hace un tiempo, de a poco fui poniendo distancia entre el sonido tropipop y yo, un estilo que ha llegado a ser comercial y predecible"

Need more CD details, or Cabas' fan mail address? Leave us a comment.

And for all those loyal readers/surfers out there, thank you for your continuiing emails, letters and calls of support. We have not be able to get back to all of them but know that they are all appreciated. See you out there in the music scene.


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