Alejandra Guzmán: new CD 'Fuerza' more reflective

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Mexican rock/pop singer Alejandra Guzmán says that on her new CD "Fuerza" she learned that the best way to help yourself is to help others.

GuzmanAlejandra CD 6 2008.JPG"I have been through so much, from surviving cancer and alcoholism, that I feel if I can help someone else, I am more than happy to do it," she said in her native Spanish during a recent interview.

Guzmán was in a refreshing good mood. Her latest CD "Fuerza," has just been awarded gold and platinum awards for top sales in Mexico. Guzmán was nominated for Premios Juventud's Mi Artista Rock category, going up against Belinda, Black Guayaba, Juanes and Maná.

The Premios Juventud are scheduled July 17 and will be broadcast on Univision.

For almost a decade Alejandra Guzmán has been considered one of the best blues-rock singers in Mexico. Through the years what made Alejandra Guzmán stand out was her  raspy voice adding color and texture to her tunes, many often introspective and philosophical.

Guzman continues with those themes with songs that describe familiar romantic adventures with titles such as "Solo fui un secreto," "Nada es Como es," and "Quiero Ser."

"I feel really good because the music on the CD is the best I have done in a while," she said. "There's more of a maturity my music these days. I can look back and say I have enjoyed a long career."

We'll have more details on Alejandra Guzmán' CD later this week.


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