Latin Grammy panel: 'the new digital scene transformative'

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The online revolution is unfolding so fast that many artists, especially in the smaller regional genres, are having a touch time catching up.


Should they use Facebook? Twitter? Youtube?


A record label portal website or their own?


Should they give away some music? Or focus on ringtone?


Apparently, according to the experts, artists should do all of the above.


The panelists, including hip-hop singer/rapper Baby Bash and industry experts Velia Gonzalez, Demian Bellumio, and Herman Rodriguez-Bajandas. Your humble scribe moderated the event.


The "Pulso De La Musica 2008: Get Your Digital Game On" panels were presented June 12 by the Texas chapter of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

More details in Baby Bash interview:

Baby Bash: Important to get 'your digital game on'


In the first panel, "Get Your Digital Game On," the experts stressed the need to branch out everyday to get a foothold.


"Rather than one or another website, I recommend they get on all of them," Bellumio said.


Baby Bash said that unlike many other stars, he spends lot of time on the Internet "hitting back" all the fans that visit his website.


In the end, the lesson from the first panel were: make sure your presence is all over online, take time to learn about all the new technologies, and make it a habit of giving away "free cookies" or free samples of your music. More on Baby Bash: Baby Bash: Important to get 'your digital game on'


In the second panel "How Technology is Affecting the Latin Music Biz," the experts covered a lot of ground.


Rodriguez-Bajandas stressed that artists need to keep all their information updated and easily accessible on their websites. Gonzalez explained that the new Media Guide software used by ASCAP is now picking up and identifying more songs on radio and online faster than ever before.



The end lessons: get on all the social networks out there, make use of all the song digitial distribution sites, and sign up for all the song publishing sites.


And don't forget the good old-fashioned tools like networking and maintaining professional relationships.


The recent explosion of online promotional and productivity websites come on the heels of some recent developments, as detailed here:

Internet passes radio, next to TV as 'most essential media in the U.S.'


These include the news that iTunes became the third largest retailer of music in the United States. In another sign that technology is racing far ahead of society, a new study reveals that the Internet has passed radio as the second most important media in the U.S.sign2.jpg


In the engaging report, published by the Edison, the findings were startling. The Internet has made enormous advances in the importance it holds for the American consumer. The Internet has passed radio as the "most essential" medium in the U.S.


TV is first, radio is third and newspapers are fourth.


This has critical implications for numerous industries including radio, TV and other media, advertisers, record labels, business owners and more.


Even more startling statistics:


*"Five years later, Internet (33%) trails only television (36%). Radio dropped dramatically as "most essential" - from 26% to 17%."


*The report also indicated that for anyone below the age of 45, the Internet, more than television, is the "most essential" medium.


*Newspapers clearly 'least essential' among major medium, with 35% of Americans age 12 and older saying it is the least essential."






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Excellent material here.
'Cutting edge news, trends and advice.
Great job.

Thank you Ramiro Burr and the rest of the Grammy people.


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