Ramiro Burr: 'taking it to the next level'

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Top writer departs newspaper to focus on new online opportunities


    SAN ANTONIO - Award-winning reporter/blogger/columnist Ramiro Burr has left the San Antonio Express-News to launch his own company, Ramiro Burr Communications.BurrRamirooPanel2 325.JPG

     Burr's move is the latest in a professional trajectory that includes stints as an entertainment writer, newspaper reporter, freelance writer, book author, and regionally syndicated columnist. Most recently, he was recognized as No. 1 blogger at Mysa.com. Burr says he is ready for the next level.

     "I will continue to write and blog about music. I think the community, especially the Latino community, is still underserved when it comes to news and information," he said. "I have always emphasized the need for all media to be well-balanced and fully represent their communities, including the Latino community. By being inclusive, we are all enriched.

    "These are exciting times, especially for online media. The field is wide open. Traditional media, like most companies, are struggling to transition to the new digital era, where it is more critical than ever to find, target and develop new, younger audiences and maintain a relevant connection."

    The new digital challenges ahead are detailed in these recent Burr reports:

Internet passes radio, next to TV as 'most essential media in the U.S.' and Baby Bash: Important to get 'your digital game on'

     Burr is moderating two panels on these topics in the "Pulso de la Musica Latina 2008: Get Your Digital Game On" presented by The Recording Academy®, Texas Chapter in partnership with The Latin Recording Academy® at the St. Anthony Hotel 1-5 p.m. Thursday, June 12.

     In March 2008, Ramiro Burr received a Philip True Award from the San Antonio Express-News for "Online Impact." Burr's popular Latin Notes Now Blogs received 750,000 hits in 2007, more than any other Express-News/Mysa.com blog including the SA Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, traffic and weather blogs.In April 2008, the LNN blog scored No.1 again with a record 191,000-plus hits- twice over the next blog. Mysa.com is San Antonio's largest Web site, today registering over one million hits a month.

     In 1999, Burr wrote the groundbreaking "Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music," book by New York publisher Billboard Books. It is the genre's first-ever sourcebook. Burr was also a contributor for several books, including "World Music: The Rough Guide," by the London-based Rough Guides, "Hispanic Almanac," on Visible Ink Press, and "Puro Conjunto," University of Texas Press.

     Burr said his departure from the Express-News was over editorial differences.

     "For 18 years my syndicated music column has run in several newspapers and I have always claimed the rights to ownership of the column, all editorial decisions and the subsequent column revenues from those newspapers. The Express-News has never disputed those rights.

     "I may have been a little overzealous, or overreached in trying to be the best reporter columnist I could be. For the past 20 years I have worked with university interns and always supported the philosophy of bringing others up behind me. I have no regrets for helping others, especially Latinos, with training and guidance to become journalists.

    "Like all the other publications and online sites I write and have written for, the San Antonio Express-News has been good to me. I wish them the best."

     Also, all interns and assistants were either paid or received academic credit, all received creditlines in Burr's "Billboard Guide" and in the other publications Burr wrote for.

     For almost two decades, Burr's weekly music columns, syndicated as "Ramiro Burr's Latin Music," have appeared in several Texas newspapers including the Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Austin-American Statesman, Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Laredo Morning Times.

     Burr will continue his work as a freelance writer, book author and online reporter published by various publications.

     Through his experience, Burr has become a professional speaker whose insight and analysis of music, journalism, culture and the arts has been sought by colleges and civic groups including the Smithsonian Institution, Bowling Green University, University of Texas, Rice University, the University of Houston, and others. In 2000 and 2001, Burr won the Speaker of the Year award from the Hearst/San Antonio Express-News volunteer corp.

    More exciting developments in the works.

    For those developments and to keep up with Ramiro Burr's daily news stories, blogs, photos and updates, check back here at www.ramiroburr.com  and/or leave us a comment.

    Ramiro Burr can be reached at 210-831-2688 or Musicreporter@gmail.com

    For espanol: Ramiro Burr: 'emprende un nuevo reto'

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buena suerte con su Nuevo 'onda

Viva El Frente/Verde


Pay no mind to ignorant fools. People who must waste time channeling negative energy have other issues they should be tending to!

You - Ramiro Burr - will go on to move mountains and to serve the community with your gifts! I, for one, can feel vibes of political undertones. However, I have faith that everything happens for a reason.

Keep up the good work - Stand tall - And know you have a community of support behind you and your newly-launched company!

Thank you for the kind words.

June 13, 2008

On behalf of the board of directors of the Texas Talent Musicians Association producers of the annual Tejano Music Awards, we want to thank Ramiro Burr for his many years of support. We wish him well in the future. His coverage of the Latin music scene, in particular Tejano, has been outstanding. Today there is a big void in the San Antonio Express-News “Weekender”. We hope that the person or persons assuming his responsibilities will write and report as well as Ramiro when reporting on the Latin music scene. Good luck and thanks Ramiro.

Robert C. Arellano, President
Frank H. Salazar, Vice-President
Texas Talent Musicians Association,
Producers of the annual Tejano Music Awards

we wish you the best of luck in your new venture. Keep up the great work and may the Lord bless you.

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Thank you for your support.

Mr. Shannon, incase you are reading this thread, now that you will be getting your (un)due credit for work you did for Mr. Burr over 5 years ago, have you made arrangements to pay back ALL monies received from him during your employment? Seems only fair don’t you think? Using your services to ghostwrite stories may be unethical in the eyes of the Express but agreeing to taking someone’s money for doing a job and then deciding after the fact to attempt to derail this person is just as, if not more, unethical. Shame on you Mr. Shannon, I’m sure that from the beginning you understood the nature of your “partnership” with Mr. Burr. Personally I hope this is the end of your news writing career, oh that’s right Ramiro had the career, you were just his flunky.

Congratulations on launching your new venture. I have known you since our days at the University of Texas-30 something years-and have known you to be ethically dedicated to the craft of journalism. Keep on writing and reporting on the Hispanic Music Entertainment scene. Your weekly contributions to the Express-News will be missed by that newspaper's readers.

Using a ghostwriter is indefensible. It wouldn't fly at any reputable publication. I hope you land back on your feet, but I hope you come to understand and accept the error of your ways in the process.

To the Concerned Journalist who left a message that ghostwriting is unacceptable.

This was not an issue of using a ghostwriter.
Every syndicated columnist from Dear Abby and Ann Landers to Dan Rather and Maria Elena Salinas has the traditional right to use any administrative, clerical or editorial help they choose.
For any editorial help, typically an endcredit is given.

For the last 18 years I have been a syndicated columnist. I independently pick and choose my material, produce, promote, market, and distribute my column, invoice and collect revenues for it. The E-N never disputed this.

Through the years I taught and trained interns/assists and gave them opportunities. They were all paid or given academic credit. I gave them endcredits for several of my stories in Billboard and other publications, as well as a few encyclopedias and even the E-N back in 1994. I also gave all my interns/assistants full credit in the foreword of my "Billboard Guide" book.

The problem was that in 2003, the last time I asked the E-N for endcredits in my music columns, they would not allow it. So I stopped using assistants.

However, the former EN Editor Jim Moss and ME Mark Kilpatrick approved my use of interns/assist and allowed me to include an endcredit in my music column for this same assistant three times in 1994.

None of the facts were included in the EN Story.


Always enjoyed your columns and the great PR work you did for Latin, and especially Tejano music.

Have you considered creating a calender of Tejano music events thru out the state. I relize you have this type of info, on your website but I was thinking more along the lines of a calender where one could click on a specific day to find out about concerts, etc.

Keep your nead up and we need you to continue in this endeavor.

Remember in this life we will all encounter problems but the measure of a person is how he/she react to these problems.

May God bless you.

Thanks for the loyalty and the kind words.
we have shipped out your orderon that "Billboard Guide"book.

spread the word that for that music news... visit www.ramiroburr.com


I wanted to research this subject and write a paper. Your post what a thousand words would not. Nice job.


thanks to a person like ramiro burr that's always in the latin scene and trying to always help our latino nation,too bad the local radio station supposedly "tejano" does'nt see that and a lot of tejano talent never gets recognized the proper way,thanks ramiro burr

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