Alejandra Guzman's 'Fuerza' inspired by real life

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Mexican pop/rock singer Alejandra Guzman says the inspiration on her latest CD "Fuerza," comes from real life.

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(Courtesy EMI/Televisa)
Alejandra Guzmán with new CD "Fuerza."

"There are songs about love, about dishonesty, about broken hearts on that CD," Guzman said in a recent interview. "There are also songs about loneliness, faith and hope."

She pointed to the inspiring "Por un Momento," the lead-off, mid-tempo rock ballad with lyrics about daring to fall in love again.

"That was an experience that happened to me," Alejandra Guzmán said. "Like the song says, it was just for a moment that I felt brave enough to believe in love again, to become inspired again.

"It is very romantic and it is written in a certain way that makes people like it. That was a song that I wrote with Mario Domm, in addition to the other song 'hasta al final.'

"It ("Por un Momento') is like a second part of "Volverte amar." That song was from her 2007 CD "Reina de Corazones: La Historia."

"Soy Solo Un Secreto," has the opposite theme - walking away from a relationship where the level of commitment is uneven.

"That was the first song I wrote and I wrote in Miami with Jose Luis Pagan. It was an experience, something that happened to me."

Guzmán was recently nominated for Premios Juventud's Mi Artista Rock category, going up against Belinda, Black Guayaba, Juanes and Maná. The Premios Juventud are scheduled July 17 and will be broadcast on Univision.

GuzmanAlejandra CDCOVER 311.JPG
(Courtesy EMI/Televisa)
Alejandra Guzmán reflective on new CD

Through her career, Guzman has won numerous awards in the U.S. and Mexico.

"I have won some awards for my songwriting and that always give you confidence to continue writing," Alejandra Guzmán said. "And of course, having lived the experiences in life gives you more of an authority to write about these things."

So why the CD title "Fuerza" (Force)?

"I put that title because it was one of the first ideas I got when we were recording the album," Guzman said. "It's about having force, having strength. I identify with it because I have always been like a warrior, a survivor, a fighter, struggling for dreams, for accomplishments or whatever.

"I think the title is reflected in me, that is what inspires me."

Since the early '90s, Alejandra Guzmán made her mark as impressive blues-rock singers in Mexico, her  raspy voice adding color and texture to her tunes, many often introspective and philosophical.

She is known for her signature blues-rock tunes.

The highlight tunes in that vein here is "Mirame" and "Nada es como es." In the former, Guzmán says that despite losing in love, she is walking away a better persons. The latter is a philosophical tune about going against the grain.

Besides the Premios Juventud, Alejandra Guzmán will be busy the next six months with her world tour that will take her through the US. Mexico, Central and South America.

"It will be the biggest tour I have ever had in my career," Guzmán said. "What I like the most about it (tour) is that it is a major effort by my record company. I'm also especially happy because I recently won a platinum record in Mexico.

"And that is not something normal because piracy is so huge in Mexico is very hard to maintain high sales."

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