Los Cardenales: name chosen long ago, new CD

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Cesareo Chayin Sánchez Jr. of the norteno band, Los Cardenales de Nuevo León, said his father knew a long time ago, that the day he would form his group he would call them Los Cardenales.CardenalesLosPicture 101 300.JPG

In a recent interview, Sánchez talked about the band's latest CD "Con Corazon Necio," and his group's origins. Sanchez's father founded the group more than two decades ago.

Sanchez said that when he first thought of forming a group, there was already a group called Los Cardenales.

In a recent interview, Sanchez explained: "El conocía ese grupo cuando estaba joven papa, iba a los bailes de Los Cardenales de Linares. Y dijo 'un día que yo hago un grupo, le voy a poner Cardenales.' Le gusto ese nombre. Le dijo a compañía que le quería poner Cardenales, pero de Nuevo León. Porque si abarcaba mas, todo el estado."

Los Cardenales' latest CD "Con Corazon Necio," sparkles with the familiar signature sonics - bluesy rancheras vibrant polkas, and solid boleros. Through the years Los Cardenales has risen in popularity asoneof the leaders of the second generation of norteño pioneers.

The first wave of pioneers in the modern age came along in the mid' 1950s and included such legends as Los Tigres Del Norte, Los Relampagos, Los Alegres de Teran, El Paloma y El Gorrion and Los Cadetes de Linares. What made the group stand out was their folksy corridos and earthy boleros and minimalist approach. Principal instruments were the accordion and bajo sexto.

By the late '70s another wave came along that expanded the musical repertoire to include fusions of cumbias and rancheras. Later on they augmented their sound with horns and keyboards. This group includes Los Huracanes, Los Originales de San Juan, Los Rieleros, Los Nortenitos de Ojinaga, Los Invasores de Nuevo Leon, Los Razos, Conjunto Primavera, Los Cardenales, and Los Traileros Del Norte.

The rest of the group is Reynaldo González Macías (acordeón, segunda voz); Juan Marcos Garza Mendoza (batería); and Enrique González Macías (bajo).


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