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Welcome, to the new RamiroBurr.Com. Est. 1996

2010 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: ABBA, Genesis, Holies

George Strait: Alamodome show set May 1 Superstar announced a big show at the dome on May 1. Special guests to include Reba McEntire, Lee Ann Womack and the Randy Rogers Band. 

"Alice in Wonderland" still boffo at box office Tim Burton's 3-D version of  "Alice in Wonderland" with Johnny Depp still No. 1 with $62 million

Cleto Rodriguez Reloaded: New season, new tour Comic strikes Thursdays at LOL comedy club , Park North Plaza

 Conjunto legend Ruben Vela dead in the Rio Grande Valley - details coming

Bullock, Bridges earn lead-acting Academy Awards Sandra Bullock and Jeff Bridges have won the lead-acting honors at the Academy Awards. Bullock won for her role as a wealthy ..

Selena: 15 years on she's still with us Yeah, it's hard to believe that it already has been 15 years since Selena left us, a

 tragic victim of a shooting by her own Fan Club president...

 Paul Elizondo: El Maestro, Musico, Comisionado 

Selena spotlight is coming in March? How long has it been?

Ernestina Tomasa Rodriguez, mother of longtime radio DJ L.G. Bird (El Pajaro) Rodriguez, passed away 2/19 in Laredo.  Service details

J.R. Ramos y Grupo Maldad Plays at Tejano Rodeo Round-Up with several other bands. Details: Concerts Calendar 2/16

'Hot Henrietta' - inspiration for young Latinas


San Antonio Rodeo The biggest show in town is down by the Freeman/ATT. Big names include Casey Donahew Band, Foreigner, Rodney AtkinsBlake Shelton, Pesado and more. Check our Concerts Calendar for full schedule.

Tejano Explosion 2010 Big name schedule bristles with top players April 15-25. Tejano, norteno, Tex-Mex and more. Check concerts Calendar.

IRON MAIDEN: Paul Dianno Tickets now on sale for Paul Dianno's concert. he is the former singer for Iron Maiden takes the stage. Cadillac Bar, 212 S. Flores. Feb 13. $15. Opening special guest San Antonio's Young Generation. Presented by OV Productions. www.pauldianno.com Cadillac Bar also has Artie V on Feb. 14.

Ramon Ayala out; Pesado in for 2010 SA Rodeo  Big names, top talent on tap. Sunday, Feb. 14; Pesado (substituted for Ramon Ayala).


010 Grammys Awards scheduled Sunday from Los Angeles. Check out the local Grammy watching party 7 p.m. Sunday at Hard Rock Cafe - downtown SA, hosted/presented by Hot Henrietta, Brandy Lopez and Diana Arevalo. 

Kerrville Comedy Explosion The time is always right for a few laughs. This show features Roman Garcia, Cleto Rodriguez, Vance Bradford. Music By DJ Rubio. Santo Coyote Club, 2124A Sidney Baker. Kerrville. www/myspace.com/acemancomedy

Ramon Ayala out; Pesado in for 2010 SA Rodeo  Big names, top talent on tap. Sunday, Feb. 14; Pesado (substituted for Ramon Ayala).

Cadillac Bar New Year's Eve Bash Lots of NYE parties around down and one of the main parties is the Cadillac NYE party on Dec. 31. Final Cut will provide the entertainment. Cadillac Bar, 212 S. Flores. Also, Artie V, Dec 25. Also scheduled: Jesse D. & Variety Band; Jan. 1; Artie V,, Jan. 8; Roger Velasquez, Jan 15; Maravia, Jan 22; Lobo IV Jan 29

June P Garcia: still rocking conjunto world
Ramon Ayala: to remain detained in Mexico City jail

Jose Feliciano: 'no plans for retirement'
Jorge Moreno has the best of two worlds  

Janies' Record Shop: new location, same great service
Major Houston holiday shows on tap
Concerts Calendar 12/1 big shows, holiday merriment

an Antonio Opera presents Jose Feliciano
Forgotten Children: book details obstacles in diabetes help
Manuel Delgado: 'Latino marketing more than just Spanish advertising'

Rudy Palacios: CD release party features friends  
Rebirth: El Norteno Music back on line
A Slice of Comedy: Luna, Ponce and Caliz
Calavera Fest: rock, Aztec dancers and more

Von Army Yes, Emilio Navaira's kids showcasing new CD Friday at Zombies
Tejano Latin Rock Festival: Hobbs, Venganza
Michael Jackson: 'tribute band to relive MJ glory'
Songwriter Gonzalez-Mora: 'new BMI recognition for top played song'

Campanas De América: anniversary party
MikeyMike Promotions: big shows, family fun
Houston Tex-Mex shows: DLG, Perez, Fito
'Love in the Time of Cholera' - endless quests. universal truths

IF/Latin FusionTV: honoring Ruben Ramos Grammy/CD release 
Where are they now: Rene & Rene - coming
TruTv's Operation Repo is faked? What?!?
Coming CDs: Jorge Alejandro, Stefani, Jorge Moreno
30th Annual Festival Chicano: Guzman, Hoibbs, Little Joe
Live music: the best, where and when
Roger Velasquez: 'where am I headed?', plus new gigs

If you're a band, singer, publicist, promoter, or nightclub owner/manager, send us your concert schedule: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Pee Wee nominated for new Artist at Premios MTV 2009 New pics coming
Adalberto reflects on prison release: 'if I ever offended anyone, ...I did not mean it." Interview coming. Email us Qs for Adalberto
Javier Galvan leaving Fama? Yes, his last show is this Saturday. See interview below.

Coming: CDs by Jorge Alejandro, Stefani, Jorge Moreno
Raul Navaira: going solo as Emilio recovers
Raul Navaira's new CD due Sept. 29 - "Simplemente Raulito

  Por Mientras," as in 'while Emilio recovers from his injuries.' Get it? First single "Bajo de tu Sombra." Raul says that title refers to Emilio's giant shadow. Emilio update coming.

"It means that I have always been 

under his shadow, under his wing," Raul said.

The CD, which also features Emilio's sons Emilio IV and Diego on bass and drums, has been 8 months in the making. Raul produced the CD and he wrote seven of the tracks. The CD includes a song by his daughter Destiny titled "Mi Vida."

"We did it with keyboards and I really liked the way it came out," he said. 

 Raul also included a song by his late father Emilio Jr. titled "Contenta mi Vida." "We redid that song in a ballad style."

Raul said his brother Emilio is "doing fine (under the circumstances) and he is going through his weekly therapy. We want to thank everyone for all their prayers and well-wishes. Everyone has been so kind and supportive."

Raul said he expects his brother 'to some day make a full and complete recovery."

Emilio, Raul and several band members were injured in a March 2008 tour bus accident in Houston. Since then Emilio's undergone several major surgeries. In March 2009, he was also charged with driving while intoxicated.

Raul provides more insights, clears up some misconceptions and gives us more family details in our interview, coming next.

(That's Raul at 10 years old behind Emilio. Photos courtesy Raullito)

More Emilio stories:
Emilio Navaira: DWI Arrest warrant
Emilio stable after surgery 

**If you're a band, singer or nightclub owner/manager, send us your concert schedule: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Girl in a Coma SA's rock trio stops in at the White Rabbit for the first time. $12. Friday, Aug. 28. White Rabbit, 2410 N. St. Marys. GIAC is made up of Jenn Alva, Phanie Diaz and Nina Diaz and the group is signed to Joan Jett's Blackheart Records. Latest CD is "Trio B.C."

La Causa! Dance Fundraiser for Jaime P. Martinez, International Labor Leader & Latino Civil Rights Activist. Featuring Hall of Famers Ruco Villarreal, Rudy T. Gonzalez - The Reno Bops, Johnny Hernandez -  Little Joe y La Famiia, Rudy Palacios 

- The Sunliners, Chente Montes-The Sunliners, Henry Parrila - Little Henry & The Laveers/Sunliners, Arturo "Sauce" Gonzalez - Westside Horns, Ralph Cortez - Royal Jesters, Joe Jama Perales - Royal Jesters/Casino Royale, Ernie Garibay - Cat's Don't Sleep, Gibby Escobedo - Latin Breed, Roger Velasquez, Eliseo Perez - River City Band. And special performance- Jaime Martinez - trumpet player for Fabulous Sunglows, 1965.7 p.m. Aug. 28. Pueblo Hall, 3315 Northwestern $10-$15

Cristian Castro: 'no longer bankrupt'
Mexican singer Cristian Castro says his financial situation is finally where it should be - fine. This despite his allegations that he was practically 'on the street' since his divorce from his ex-wife Valeria Liberman. Castro, 35, told Notimex: "My finances are ok. That is all I can say." The son of singer Veronica Castro, says he is also happy because he is able to see his two children - Simone and Mikhail. Details: Notimex.com

Graciela Beltrán vs. Jenni Rivera: Tempest in a teapot? Coming...

Ranchera great Pepe Aguilar launches shoe line
Yes, it's true. Singer Pepe Aguilar, apparently not content enough to be a popular ranchera singer, now launches a new shoe line. Aguilar will introduce the shoe at two separate shoe-signings in Los Angeles & Orange County -Aug. 15, 2009 at WSS' South Gate, 8830 Garfield Avenue from 11 am to 1 pm and at WSS' Anaheim store located at 2114 E. Lincoln Ave. from 2-4 pm.

In addition, the singer is also working on the release of his highly anticipated album slated for November 2009, and on developing an ecological agriculture project in his native Zacatecas (Mexico).

Aerosmith: Steven Tyler in hospital after stage fall

Singer Steven Tyler sustained minor head and neck injuries after a fall Wednesday night during a performance in Rapid City, SD. According to officials the Aerosmith lead singer fell backward while he was singing ""Love In an Elevator," during the concert at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Details: Aerosmith: Steven Tyler in hospital after stage fall

Jenni Rivera; new 'Super Deluxe' CD set out
Norteno singer Jenni Rivera has a new reason to party - the new "Super Deliuxe" CD. Details: Jenni Rivera; new 'Super Deluxe' CD set out

Axe, Sanford headline rock concert
Rock metal fans are looking forward to the return of Axe and Rick Sanford to the Cadillac Bar. The show is set for July 31 and $15 tickets are on sale now.

Also performing are Reverend, Wolfpack, Legs Diamond, Red Sauce Rules, Black Thunder, You're Done For. 7 p.m. July 31 at the Cadillac Bar, 212 S. Flores.

The concert is presented by J.R. Presents and OV Productions. $15 Details: 210-223-5533.

Dos Gilbertos headline City Style Lowrider Car Show

Beautiful customized cars and solid conjunto rhythms will come together July 19 at Laredo’s 2nd Annual Benefit Car Show. The "Making A Laredoan's Wish Come True” festival, scheduled 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, July 19, will feature Los Dos Gilbertos, Boni Mauricio y Los Maximos, Krazy Pimpz, Los Medina Boyzz, Flavio Y Los Krazy Kings, Edgar Vasquez y Sus Muchacos, Border Town Boys, Fish Y Los Favoritos and City Style Bands. There are many reasons this year’s festival is special says organizer Claudia Esparza. Full details: Dos Gilbertos

Check back late Sunday for full coverage. 

Party on the Plaza 2009: Fito Olivares Cumbia miester FitoOlivares will fire off his irresistible cumbias such as "Juana La Cubana," "El C

aballito," "La Gallina," at the Party on the Plaza concert series in Houston. The club address is 6400 Richmond Ave. in Houston. For more details call (832) 324-8074.

The full POP series:

POP w/ Fito Olivares, July 9, 7 pm to 11:45 pm – Bar Rio, POP 15th Anniversary Concert Celebration, July 16, 7 pm to 11:45 pm – Bar Rio, 19th Annual Houston International Jazz Festival feat. Grupo Niche

August 1, 4 pm to 10 pm – Discovery Green 

Controversial singer Gloria Trevi married? Gloria Trevi has enjoyed several accomplishments in her life - pop singer, songwriter, cultural icon, movie actress, poster girl, controversial celebrtiy. And now wife? Yes.Controversial singer Gloria Trevi married?

Mazz's Joe Lopez: solitude, forgiveness, reflection
Sadness, fear, anger, hate, hope, prayers and joy. These were just some of the strong emotions elicited by our recent exclusive interview with Mazz's Joe Lopez, who is now serving a 20-year prison sentence.
We heard from those angry and disappointed in Lopez, demanding that we stop writing about him. We heard from those with ...coming Tuesday.

Tejano artist Joe Lopez loses court appeal? Yes it's true. Mazz's Joe Lopez  lost his appeal before the 13th Court of Criminal Appeals to overturn his 2006 conviction. (Details below)

Also, Pt II of our exclusive Joe Lopez interview coming. Read Pt 1 here:
Mazz's Joe López breaks his silence

Albita Rodriguez among a handful of new salsa/tropical CDs. The CD is titled "Mis Tacones," on the Angel's Dawn Records label. From Descarga: "Albita returns with a hot salsa project that features guests Gilberto Santa Rosa, Eddy-K and Alexis Valdés. Highly Recommended."

Also of interest: Hilton Ruiz is out with "Hilton's Last Note." This Latin jazz CD spotlights Ruiz in a tribute to hurricane victims. Descarga: "Historically significant final session by the late pianist and composer. It's a tribute to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Also with Dafnis Prieto, Reynato Thoms, Leon Lee Dorsey, Ruben Rodriguez, George Martinez, Vince Cherico and others. Special guest Yomo Toro on cuatro."


Joe Lopez: Guilty or innocent?? Well? In a court of law Joe Lopez (Mazz) was proven guilty of some seriois charges. But in a rare interview (see below) by our correspondent Ramon Hernandez,, Lopez talks about "my side of the story."

Ricardo Arjona This guy is one of the best.
Top Guatemalan singer/songwriter on a tour behind latest CD. $48-$88. 

AT&T Center, AT&T Center. Aug. 16 

Fiesta 2009 means plenty of celebraitons, street parties and daily and nightly live music. There's so many choices, it can sometimes give you pause to ponder.

Among the main events - the 2009 Tejano Explosion whose headliners include Ruben Ramos, Little Joe, Los Chamacos, Elizabeth.

UPDATE: 4/14/2009
Los Desperadoz have been pulled and are now relaced by Voces de Tejas and TexManiacs for Friday, April  17. And on Tuesday, Ricardo Castellon is out, replaced by La Sombra Reunion.

This update from Romeo Garcia/Jesse Diaz:
"Monday Schedule, We are doing a tribute to the Westside Sound. The main headliners are "Sauce Gonzalez & the Westside Horns" and "Ernie Garibay & Cats Don't Sleep." 

More at: Sauce Gonzalez, Ernie Garibay at Tejano Explosion

Here you go with the full schedule:

2009 Tejano Explosion:
Thursday April 16, Elizabeth Brackman, Chente Barrera, Los Garcia Bros.,
Friday April 17, Jonny Martinez, Jaime Los Chamacos, Los Desperadoz,
Saturday April 18, Los Enmascarados, Los Hometown Boys, La Tropa F
Sunday April 19, Juan Ramos, Los Fantasmas Del Valle, Eddie Gonzales
Monday, Westside Sound Tribute, Sauce Gonzalez & the Westside Horns, Ernie Garibay & Cats Don't Sleep

Tuesday April 21, Ariel Johnson, Johnny Hernandez, La Diferenzia
Wednesday April 22, Grupo Maravia, Jimmy Edward, Ruben Ramos
Thursday April 23, Rene Zapata, Stampede, Michael Salgado
Friday April 24, Los Texas Wranglers, Joe Posada, Little Joe,
Saturday April 25, Los Tovares, Ram Herrera, Jay Perez.



Jorge Alejandro Y La Paz Award-winning singer/songwriter has been part of the Central Texas music scene for several years. Alejandro plays Friday, April 3. Cadillac Bar, 212 S. Flores.

He has a half dozen albums, several original hit songs to his credit and several awards from various music organizations including the TMAs, ATAMs and others.


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As for me
written by Ian, December 11, 2009
Didn't you think of creating a journal based on your blog (many people already do so - have a look at their experience at http://www.pdfqueen.com the search engine on pdf periodical)? In comparison with the blog, journal is more convenient to read smilies/smiley.gif

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