Houston Rodeo's Go Tejano Day under the spotlight

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Once upon a time, Tejano was king of the hill.

PulidoRoberto92007.jpgOr at least, king of the Houston Rodeo - for one day. The event was called Go Tejano Day and it began in 1990 and it usually meant a Tejano group or groups were headling the Houston Rodeo for that one day - at the Astrodome, and later Reliant Stadium..

Through the years, hard-core fans have grumbled "where's the Tejano?" when norteño bands such as Los Tigres del Norte and Bronco took the stage.

This year, it's the norteño/marginally Tejano-sounding Duelo and the Duranguense Los Horoscopos de Durango on March 16. The familiar complaint by hard-core Tejano fans is that Horoscopos and Duelo are not hard-core Tejano acts such as Little Joe or Ruben Ramos. However, similar to Tejano bands, they play a mix of norteño, cumbias and polkas.

The Houston Rodeo's very first Go Tejano Day was in 1990 with Emilio y Rio, Vikki Carr,  and Roberto Pulido y los Clasicos. In the years since,dozen sof Tejano groups have been spotlighted from Selena to Little Joe, Mazz to David Lee.

Interestingly, the Houston Rodeo has never had an official Go Vallenato or  Go Norteño day either. According to officials, the term "Go Tejano" was never meant as a strict description of the music, but rather as a general Go Hispanic or Go Latino day. And it just so happened that Tejano as a genre, was fast-rising in the early '90s so the term fit perfectly at the time.

Things have changed a lot since.

When it comes time to booking the bands, the Houston Rodeo folks are doing what commercial radio and record labels do - they go for what brings in the largest crowds.

If Tejano fans want their headliners to remain hard-core Tejano groups they should call and write the Houston Rodeo folks to make their voices heard.

The Houston rodeo is one of the largest musical platforms in the world. Some day, hardcore Tejano music may return there.

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