Mexican pop group RBD is breaking up?

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Thousands upon thousands fans must be asking themselves that very question.

rbd2 300.JPGBut apparently, it is true.

So, when is the last show for RBD? After a few phone calls and emails, we still have been able to get an answer on yet from group or label reps.

We'll keep trying.

According to news reports, RBD will split up after four years together.

Various news sources point to the RBD website which features s statement, signed by all members, which says RBD's concerts later this month in Spain will "mark the beginning of this final stage." The announcement goes on that "every great project needs to transform itself in order to excel, and today we are starting that process."

Another source indicated RBD members will go their separate ways after a farewell world tour. And the members all plan to return to the music industry after a break, performing either solo, or as part of another group.

The farewell tour is expected to visit Venezuela, Argentina, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Brazil, Peru, Los Angeles, and Mexico.

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