ATAM 2008: Herrera, DLG, Velasquez, Posada

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Ramiro Herrera, Roger Velasquez, David Lee Garza and Joe Posada are among the nominees for the 2008 Academy of Tejano Artists & Musicians Awards, one of the biggest Academy TejanoAwards11x17POSTER-1.jpgawards in the Southwest.

The awards, scheduled Thursday at Villita Assembly Hall, are designed to recognize the most popular artists and musicians as determined by members of the academy.

The academy's larger goal is to educate and raise public awareness of the excellence and quality of Tejano music.

Eddie Gonzalez, Joe Posada and Shelly Lares are among the dozen plus Tejano artists scheduled to perform at the award ceremonies which scheduled at 6:30 p.m. Thursday. Also performing are Eddie Perez from Los Fabulosos, the Tejano Academy Band, and Augustin Ramirez.

As part of the ceremonies, officials have also scheduled a "Special Accordion Tribute" to legendary performer Steve 'Esteban' Jordan who has been quite ill recently.

Brothers Mike and Lee Villarreal of Los Desperadoz will serve as masters of ceremonies.

"The ATAM awards are like the Grammys. The musicians vote for the best music, not the public," said Rick Vasquez, bandleader for Bandango.

In the best Conjunto group  category, young band Badd Boyz del Valle are up against pioneers such as Albert Zamora, Hometown Boys, Los Aguilares and Los Desperadoz.HerreraRam 3 2008.JPG

This year's awards are special this year said ATAM Executive Director Chayo Zaldivar.

 '"The Academy of Tejano Artists & Musicians will be celebrating a milestone as this will mark the 5th Annual Tejano Academy Awards," Zaldivar said.

The Academy of Tejano Artists & Musicians organization was founded in 2004 by several musicians including Donald Garza, David Lee Garza and Stefani.

Like the Grammys, the ATAM is an association of musicians and only musicians, artists, engineers and other music professionals are allowed to join and vote on the awards.
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Back in July, the ATAM held their 2008 Fan Fair which featured more than two dozens artists including Grupo Maldad, Ricardo Castillon y La Diferencia, Latin Express, Agnes y Arturo & New Variety Band, Ram Herrera & the Outlaw Band and Los Palominos.

Los Fabulosos Cuatro and Los Unics are also scheduled to be presented with the Legacy Awards for their lifetime contributions to Tejano music.

For ticket information call 210-227-2826.



1. CONJUNTO - Includes all conjunto groups performing and/or recording with emphasis on bajo sexto and  accordion. 
A.   Albert Zamora B. Badd Boys del Valle C.  Hometown Boys D.   Los Aguilares  E. Los Desperadoz   
2. GOSPEL - Includes all performing and/or recording christian groups, conjuntos, orchestras, etc.
A.   Gabriel Olveras B.   Jimmy Edward    C.   María Elena      D.  Paulino Bernal  E. Raúl Sánchez      
3. GRUPO - Includes all groups performing and/or recording with emphasis on the keyboards and maybe one (1) sax.
A.   David Lee Garza B.   Joe Posada  C.   Ram Herrera    D.  Roger Velasquez E.  Stefani Montiel
4. ORCHESTRA - Includes all groups performing and/or recording with emphasis on a horn section.
A.   Avizo  B.   Latin Breed  C.  Little Joe D.  Rick Balderrama E.  Rubén Ramos
(vocalist(s), musician(s), arrangers, producers, engineer(s), graphics, acknowledgments, concept, design, etc.)
A.  "Live Volume II," David Lee Garza  B. "Friends & Legends," Joe Posada  C. "2007," Ram Herrera     D. "Quiero Besarte," Roger Velasquez  E. "Music of Joe Barela," Stefani Montiel
A.  David Marez  B. Mark Ledesma  C.  Jay Perez   D.  Joe Posada E.  Ram Herrera
A.   Elida Reyna  B.   Leslie Lugo  C. Rebecca Valadez D. Shelly Lares E.  Stefani Montiel
A.   Agnes y Arturo B.  DLG y Los Musicales   C.  Los Desperadoz D.  Los Dos Gilbertos  E. Tex Maniacs  
A.  A.J. Castillo   B.  David Farias    C.  Joel Guzman  D. Ray Diaz DeLeon E.  Steve Jordan
A.  Billy O'Rourke  B.   Eddie Perez   C. Juan P.  Moreno  D.  Lee Villarreal  E.  Max Baca
11. BASS:
A.   Pete Garza  B.  Pete Ojeda  C. Richard Garza  D.  Roy "Pia" Ramos E.  Steve Roth
12. DRUMS:
A.   Aaron Holler  B.   Adam Garza   C. Armando Aussenac D.  Chente Barrera E.  Richard Solis
A.   Bob Gallarza  B.  Gilbert Velasquez C.  John Cruz  D.  Tomas Cruz  E. Roger Velasquez
14.  KEYS:
A.  Anthony Hernandez B.  Art Guillermo  C.Gabriel Zavala  D. Mario Ortiz   E. Snuhe Aussenac
A.  A.J. Flores  B.  Eppi Martinez  C.  Joey Olivarez  D.  Jorge Alejandro E.  Richard Solis
16.  HORN:
A.  Al Gomez-Trumpet B.  Joe Posada-Tenor Sax   C.  Lonnie LaLanne-Trumpet      D.  Rick Balderrama-Trumpet  E.  Val Maltos-Alto Sax 
A.  Art Guillermo  B.  Gabriel Zavala C.  Joe Posada     D. Mike Villarreal   E.  Roger Velasquez


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