La Chupitos: comedy is universal language

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Just the other day I was bemoaning the lack of standup comedy in Mexico and/or lackof standup Mexican comedy with Raul Ledezma. There are too few comedians in Mexico and even less that tour the U,S,ChupitosLa1 329.JPG

There are precious few female comedians. But now comes along La Chupitos, whose dirt-poor, humble character reminds us of Carol Burnett's or Red Skeleton's famous comedic personas. At a Monday news conference, La Chupitos held forth on her work and philosphy.

Her homeless look also evokes the humble characters portrayed by Mexican comedians Cantiflas and singer/actor Pedro Infante.

(Photo right and next below courtesy Ramon Hernandez). Bottom photo from

Now comes this report by our correspondent Ramón Hernández

Comedian La Chupitos has descended upon San Antonio to tickle the city's funny bone.

 The comedian, who is being hailed as Mexico's successor to Cantinflas is scheduled to perform Wednesday(10/29) at 11 p.m. at Club Rio.

ChupitosLa0.jpgAsked if she realized she may not have a good turnout due to the show being scheduled smack dab in the middle of a work week, the Mexican comedian shrugged the potential off stating that in Mexico, she starts her one-hour routine at midnight and there are so many venues comedians fill up clubs on Monday, Tuesday and every day of the week.

"They may wake up tired and sleepy, but they'll go to work with a big smile on their face," she said flashing her famous toothless grin during an interview at the I-H-10 El Taco Tote location.

Liilana Arriaga-Franco, that's her real name, was born in 1973, but her character was born 14 years ago in a talent contest for comedians. Her trademark is her two missing top front teeth, which are actually blacken out and her attire consists of worn-out bag-lady type outfits, a rosary and a weather-beaten scapular. "My clothes may be torn and tattered, but they're discarded name brand labels such as Prada," she quipped.

ChupitosACOSTADA 310.JPGChupitos' filthy looking character is based on a poverty stricken alcoholic from the barrio because as she says, "It's an existing problem throughout the world. The stories are completely all my ideas about situations that all people can relate to as I give them hope through laughter. There's nothing better than laugher to make people happy and forget their woes. So I love to make people laugh."

Still the petite 35-year-old's character touches on serious topics such as being jobless, marriage, unwed mothers, feminist issues and most important skits about, and involving, children.

"Life is full of suffering, the truth is that La Chupito is mugrosa (dirty) and people do ask for limosna (alms) because that is the sad reality for many, so I'm not a monita de oro (golden dolly). But we still have to enjoy life and give thanks for whatever little we have. As for goals, Chupito's dream -- as Cantinflas -- is to reach the entire world."

As an actress, Arriaga-Franco has appeared in two tele-novelas - "Mujeres Engañadas" and "Nunca Te Olvidaré" However, her forte is comedy so it is variety shows such as "No Manches," "Don Francisco Presenta," "100 Mexicanos Dijeron," "VidaTV" and "La Casa de la Risa" that have been her claim to fame.

If you missed La Chupitos live performance on Wednesday, you can still enjoy her comedy routines on Univision's "Fábrica de Risas" each Saturday at 11 p.m. or check out her Web site at

La Chupito Texas tour includes: Jueves Oct 30 McAllen Cine El Rey; Viernes Oct 31 McAllen Cine El Rey; Sabado Nov 1 Dallas Escapade Chances; Miercoles Nov. 19 Austin Escapade 2000; Jueves Nov 20 Laredo Las Cananas Club; Viernes Nov 21 Houston Planeta Bar Rio.

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