Salsa music updates: Mora, Suazo, Mendez

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Veterano Festival honors late Escobar, showcases conjunto bands

Party on the Plaza canceled due to weather

Crooked Stilo to play LA's Knitting Factory in Hollywood 
Top Latin Producers Valenzuela Twiins joined Ozomatli

Breaking news:
Party on the Plaza Has Been Canceled Due To The Weather

(Special report from our salsero correspondent Jose Mambo)
Record Label Moves, this is what's been happening in the last 6 months...

J&N www. jnrecords. com has let go some of the artists that made up the biggest
 names in the tropical genre including such merengue artists such as Eddy Herrera, Kinito Méndez, Milly Quezada, Papi Sánchez, Wilfrido Varga and bachata duo Monchy & Alexandra to make room for the recently purchased Musical Production catalog.

That catalog includes legendary salsero Tito Rojas and Jose Pena Suazo y La Banda Gorda, which was acquired from the MP acquistion, making La Banda Gorda the first band to sign from MP'S catalog.

Jose Pena Suazo and J&N are already celebrating because before his signing, he released "Cosa Que Me Amarra" which has became a radio favorite in Santo Domingo and NY, and will be featured in his new CD. 

Planet Records from Italy www., didn't skip a beat and picked up Papi Sanchez and Kinito Mendez making Planet Records Europe's top Latin music label. Already they distribute Monchy Alexandra and Aventura in the European Market. 

Dominican Based Record Label Antenna Latina Music has under their belt, Los Hermanos Rosarios, Miriam Cruz, Fernando Villalona and Milly Quezada. 

Premium Latin Music, who has Merenguero's El Jeffrey, Shino Aguakate, and Bachata's Aventura's, Elvis Martinez, and Los Roba Corazones have recently signed Eddy Herrera after his exit with J&N Records and added Tony Fox, new merengue artist who won the Spanish version of American Idol for merengue in the Dominican Republic. 

New Merengue Music!!!
Silvio Mora has released a live version of a classic from Jose Jose and Camilo Sesto called "Si Me Dejas Ahora." The tune starts slow and literally transforms and explodes into what we call 'Merengue Kong Mambo.' He is still enjoying success from his hit "El Carrito Rojo" which has become a radio and club favorite in Dominican Republic. 

U.S. Club Hit!
Omega y Mambo Violento released a single with Pitbull and Fuego titled "Mi Alma Se Muere" that has also  become a club favorite in the U.S., yet to catch fire in D.R. Omega has released "Lloraras," another fave in D.R. as radio stations began playing it immediately and has become a regular in colmados and clubs.

More club and radio news. El Rey Tulile has released various songs, strategy of many merengueros to see what sticks out to radio station programmers and club dj's. One that has stuck the most is a provocative rhythmic song titled "El culumpio". His sister Selene, who also did her sexy cameo in another provocative Tulile classic "La Culebra" does the provocative female chorus on this one. Outstanding. Check out the song.

Julian Oro Duro has released various songs from his new CD under J&N records, one that stands out is "Contigo", which he uses La Mafia's "Me Estoy Enamorando" intro. Very creative, y mucho mambo! Another one is "Yo Bebo Romo" which will become a X-Mas classic, and talks about the nostalgic feelings latinos get during December when they are away from their families and of course rum and beer is the only consolation to relieve those feelings! Great mambo and very catchy chant! "Yo Bebo Romo y Tambien Cerveza, Cuando Se Me Sube Mi Pais A La Cabeza" pull out out your flag.

El Cata: 2008 has become a great year for El Cata, who is not new to the game. He has been in several very popular bands such as Richie y La Banda X, but it's "Loca Con Su Tiguere" that has put him in the map. There isn't a colmado in the D.R., (neighborhood stores), clubs and radio stations that haven't played jammed to this hit! With a slurry voice, and very catchy merengue hooks, El Cata has exploded. His new song "Yo Toy Pa Ti" continues his success..."I know you want me, and I want you too, yo toy pa ti y tu pa mi." Adding his English tigeraje (street flavor) will make this another hit.

Juliana O'Neal, La Reyna Del Merengue Kong Mambo, has released "Si Tu Eres Mi Hombre" which has been remade by India, Angela Carrasco and even Celine Dion, Juliana brings her unique merengue version, not going away from the original but giving a subtle merengue flavor. 

New music coming next week! Don't forget to check out my blog for all the latest merengue.

To hear all the latest merengue releases check out: 
www. MerengueKongMambo. BlogSpot. com or check us out on myspace: www. myspace. com/merenguekongmambo 

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