Mazz's Jimmy Gonzalez back in hospital for weekend observation

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UPDATE 11/7/08  12:46 p.m.MazzJimmy8 287.JPG:

Mazz's Jimmy Gonzalez has been admitted into a Corpus Christi hospital for observation according to Freddie Records officials.

Record label sources added that Gonzalez was given EKG tests Thursday and doctors then determined he needed to be kept in the hospital for several days,  possibly until Monday to run a battery of tests and better determine his condition.

"He is in good condition. Of course, he is a little concerned but he is in good spirits," said one source. "The best part is that he is in good hands right now."

We wish Jimmy Gonzalez the best of luck and the power of prayer in a quick recovery.

Undoubtedly, Mazz, in its long, colorful and sometimes controversial history, is one of the top influential groups in Tejano. No one can question they have also played a critical role in the music's history.

No information from Freddie Records as yet on where fans can send get well or best wishes cards.

Mazz had been scheduled to play in Rosenberg tonight, Friday but that has been postponed.

More details: Jimmy Gonzalez in hospital after congestive heart failure

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Irma Laura Lopez: long time record promoter killed in accident 

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